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Đánh giá LessPass năm 2022

Katarina Glamoslija
Katarina Glamoslija
Xuất bản ngày: Ngày 21 tháng 6 năm 2022

Đánh giá LessPass: Tóm tắt nhanh của chuyên gia

Storing all your passwords in one location can put data at risk for theft from hackers. Rather than storing your password, the LessPass free password manager relies on state-of-the-art pure function technology to automatically generate login information.

Looking for the best free password manager? With LessPass, users simply input the site, username, and master password to gain access to sites. This method promises better security compared to other password managers that store all data in one file. The flexible pure function feature means that users can go anywhere in the world, download the app or extension, and enter passwords automatically.

By taking a different approach to password storage, users benefit from several advantages. First of all, because LessPass doesn’t store data in one location, your information has a lower risk of attracting attacks from hackers.

At the same time, you can go anywhere in the world, download the app or extension, and still get your passwords generated for you. LessPass also automatically syncs passwords across different devices making it ideal for those who like to switch between their smartphone, tablet, or various desktop computers.

After reviewing dozens of password managers, I’ve applied my expertise in this detailed LessPass password manager pro review so you can decide if this product will suit your needs. Continue reading to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the LessPass password manager.

LessPass Password Manager Features

LessPass password manager stands out as a unique way to remember passwords without actually storing information on your hard drive or in the cloud. Most password managers create an encrypted database to store passwords. Users then enter a master password to enter the database, which may also include website logins, password bookmarks, credit card numbers, and other information included with the product.

Although many password managers use high-grade encryption technology to protect user information, storing passwords and private information in one place on a file could attract hackers to try and steal the data.

Instead, LessPass takes a different approach. This password manager doesn’t store all your data in one place. Users input different things to create a unique password. It works a bit like this: You open the extension. Next, you should create a domain name such as “chrome.google.com”, “login name such as harry.blackwell”, and a master password (which you should always remember).

Tổng biên tập

LessPass automatically generates passwords when the user inputs the site domain, login name, and master password.

From here, LessPass relies on a hash function to generate a string of personal passwords with combinations of symbols, letters, and numbers. LessPass gives you the flexibility to adjust the complexity and length of the passwords. After creating a master password, LessPass will automatically provide the same result when the user provides the corresponding input. All you need is the same domain, login name, and master password. You’ll have a password manager Google platform, for example, just by using the Google.com domain.

Pure Function Technology

Rather than storing your password anywhere, LessPass password manager uses pure function technology. This feature calculates the same password based on the user input. Your password will appear so long as you provide the same inputs each time.

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LessPass doesn’t store passwords. Instead, it will generate passwords when the user provides the same inputs like domain name, login name, and master password for each site.

Offline Password Manager

LessPass works offline which means that users don’t have to sync a password vault on every device in their household. This makes LessPass a great option for customers who own more than one device. LessPass will automatically sync passwords, whether you use your desktop or switch to your smartphone.

Supports a Range of Platforms

LessPass provides extensions and apps that work across a range of platforms. You can download the LessPass password manager free on Chrome or Firefox. When you input the password manager for Chrome or Firefox domain, login, and master password, LessPass will automatically generate the passwords. LessPass also offers an Android password manager.

On the downside, LessPass doesn’t have any apps or extensions specifically for password manager Apple devices like you would with Sticky Password. You won’t get password manager for iPhone or Android. However, LessPass, you gain a password manager for Linux along with Ubuntu capabilities for the Snapcraft command line tool.

The LessPass free password manager works on the following platforms.

  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Cozy Cloud
  • Firefox
  • Snapcraft
  • Terminal
  • Contribute

LessPass password management features have many advantages. You can open access to accounts and logins from anywhere in the world and from different devices. You just need the site URL, login name, and master password. This also makes it easy to share account information securely with others.

Pure function technology used by LessPass does have its disadvantages, however. You won’t have the ability to store notes, links, credit card information, and so forth. In addition, the system doesn’t support 2-factor authentication, an extra layer of security that competing services like LastPass or Zoho Vault use. That means that the security of your accounts rests entirely on the master password which may put data at risk.

In the event that you need to change your master password, you maybe have to go back and change all of the passwords for all of your websites. It can also become tricky when you need to change a password for a single account as LessPass will not automatically remember that the old password is no longer valid.

LessPass Password Manager Plans and Pricing

Those seeking a free password manager should look no further. LessPass provides an open-source technology, which means the software code is freely available to anyone. Users can easily download the browser plugin or Android app.  LessPass also offers free exentions/apps for Cozy Cloud, Snapcraft, Terminal, and Contribute.

Like many free products and services, you often get what you pay for. While LessPass provides an open-source password manager, it does come with its limitations. You get password management, however, LessPass doesn’t generate information like shipping addresses, credit card information, and so forth which other companies will store on your behalf.

LessPass Password Manager Ease of Use and Setup

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LessPass Android password manager has a quick installation. From here, you only need to input the site domain, username, and master password to automatically generate login information. Once you download LessPass’ extension or app, you can also easily remove it at your own convenience.

With LessPass, users really only need to remember three things: the site name, username, and master password. With this information alone, the LessPass password manager will automatically generate complex passwords for you. You just need to input those three things, and LessPass will provide the appropriate password.

This convenient pure function feature means that you can get passwords across all your devices once you download the extension or app. This also easily allows people to share login information across the web without actually sharing the password itself, making it more secure and efficient to collaborate. This makes it an excellent family password manager. In addition, LessPass works with up to date devices and provides password manager Windows 10 features as well as for the latest Android devices.

Although the pure function feature may sound a bit complicated, even less tech-savvy users will have no trouble using their LessPass extension or app. LessPass offers extensions on Chrome and Firefox, which you can set up in minutes. In addition, users can download LessPass password manager for Android as well as Cozy Cloud, Snapcraft, Terminal, and Contribute.

The major drawback of LessPass is that it only generates passwords. Other password come with the password manager best features and save credit card information, shipping address, billing address, and so forth. LessPass password manager doesn’t offer an auto-full feature, which can save a lot of time when filling in forms or making purchases online.

LessPass Password Manager Security

Tổng biên tập

Users have the ability to adjust the complexity and length of generated passwords comprised of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Commercial password managers like 1password, Dashlane, and LastPass store and encrypt passwords in one location, but not the web addresses (URLs) of each account. The services hash URLs and turn them into numbers. However, hackers and intelligence agencies can fairly easily interpret this URLs by looking at the information in your database.

LessPass, by taking a different approach, removes the risk of a third party from gaining access to your passwords altogether. The LessPass password manager doesn’t store your data anywhere, but instead, uses input information to automatically generate passwords. All you need is the URL name (like google.com), your username, and the master password.

You may wonder: are password managers safe? Some may feel uncomfortable sharing passwords to their most important accounts with any old company. Although many password managers who store data use encryption technology to protect customer information, hackers and other third parties may still try to breach.

With LessPass, you don’t have to trust anyone to store your passwords. Instead, LessPass password manager generates passwords on your behalf. All you need to remember is the master password for each domain.

LessPass certainly has it’s benefits when it comes to security. However, bear in mind that LessPass password manager does not come with 2-factor authentication. The security of all of your accounts rests entirely on your master password.

LessPass Password Manager Customer Support

The LessPass Android password manager lets users get in touch with support by email.

LessPass offers an extremely easy-to-use password management solution, which means you won’t have much trouble learning how to get started. Still, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with support via email at contact@lesspass.com.

The free LessPass password manager doesn’t have a comprehensive online help center like some other commercial providers. You’ll find a short FAQ and some introductory information on how to use the service, but other than that, the website doesn’t have much else. In addition, LessPass doesn’t have live chat or phone support available.

LessPass Sản phẩm & Giá

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Kết luận

With LessPass, you get a unique pure function method of generating passwords without actually storing information in a single location. This helps prevent hackers from trying to steal your login data. LessPass provides a free password manager that offers extensions and arguably the best password manager app that works across a range of devices including Android, Chrome, Cozy Cloud, Firefox, Snapcraft, Terminal, and Contribute.

On the downside, LessPass limits its service to password generation. You won’t have the ability to store other data like credit card information, shipping addresses, and so forth. For a more robust storage system, you may want to go for paid password managers.

In terms of value, you can’t get much better than a free application. At the same time, LessPass still provides reliable password protection by never storing information in one place. Users can also sync information automatically across different devices and with other people.

When it comes down to it, LessPass makes a good choice depending on your usage needs. This free password manager wouldn’t function well if you need passwords for hundreds of domains. However, LessPass works well for a team of collaborators that often need to share passwords. You can meet in person to set the master password, which ensures better security than sharing data over the internet. Then you can send them the domain and login name for them to access any number of sites securely.

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Katarina Glamoslija
Katarina Glamoslija
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